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Free, spirit, Heart of gold, intuitive mind, Not only is she a goddess of physical beauty but also an unheard deep beauty that gleams from inside her soul and will warm you with her energy. Can’t help but look at her with love, desire, and awe. She can manipulate an army of men with her voice alone, and seduce the strongest of men with a smile, although this is uncommon for a woman of such magnitude and honor. You don’t want to mess with jaslynn though; she has the power to condemn you to the fiery pits of hell with just one look. She is a very determined female that will prevail at everything she does; fortunately it is usually all for the goodness. The god's are on her side. A true genuine miracle sent from the energies of a higher intelligence. Respect for a creature like jaslynn is in order.
She is undesribanle in words with her beauty.

She is a jaslynn
by Ryder717ryder February 03, 2010
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The name Jaslynn is a modern twist on the name Jasmine. It First came into existence in 1997. Not many people have had the name Jaslynn. So it is a very special name indeed. In 2008 only 74 million babies in the world have been given this name. Out of 75 billion. The name is unique. Jaslynn's have been known for their incredible intelligence. And high energetic spirit. Their is so much room for a Jaslynn to define herself. That is the exact reason why Jaslynn's are so free spirited. They make their own way in life. And are always inviting fun, and love, and laughter into their lives. They have a amazing beauty about them. They can give you such insight into how to behave because a Jaslynn always behaves well. Very assertive and clear. Very well meaning and accurate. They have not one bad intention on their mind. Because they are so focused on fun and love that their is no space for anything less. They are a truly amazing person. If you know a Jaslynn learn from her. She has much to offer. Cause if you know a Jaslynn you will come to see that is true in all its meaning. Jaslynn's will love always and forgive easily. But learn and remember the lessons they need...
You must invite Jaslynn, She is so fun and energetic its contagious!
by Amanda Creviston June 04, 2017
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she is very beautiful and very sexy. she can command men just by saying she will sleep with them. she won’t but she will make you think so. she will say anything to get what she wants. manipulative but if you are friends with her you are one in a million. she has trust issues but if she trusts you it will take a lot to ruin that trust. she can be cruel but in,y when you truly deserve it.
she falls in love so easily but it’s very hard for her to lose feelings. you are lucky if she loves you because if she does you are special. whether she loves you as a friend or more you are very lucky. treat her well and she will treat you well. treat her wrong and she will you do very wrong. she holds grudges unless she gets an apology and believes that you really are sorry.
jaslynn is loved universally.
by jay king December 02, 2017
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a blonde, she’s basic and wants led lights around her room. love her though 😘
girl 1 - i want led lights!
girl 2 - EW you’re SUCH a jaslynn.
by bayleighauflick44 March 20, 2020
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