Super gay guy who is also a hipster and loves ugly small cocks.
“Did you see Dirty Jarred on the weekend? “
“Yeah he was trying to suck André’s cock again.”
by Uncle Daddie May 4, 2020
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When shit just somehow works out the best way possible.
Guy 1: Yo, Smith just pulled this bad Viet bitch like it was nothing.
Guy 2: The "Jarred" Effect man...
by Rindor August 25, 2021
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Originating from a 2014 4chan post from a brony, The Jar is a clear jar containing a figurine (originally a Rainbow Dash pony) that is filled with semen over a period of time. Semen will sit in The Jar for an unhealthy amount of time.
Bro, have you heard about The Jar?
by DamnMan. February 25, 2022
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The donation box at the cash register of a store.
Jimothy: I just donated to the Jumpstart Charity box at Canadian Tire!
Billiam: you mean the Undercover Tip Jar??
by Harvey HugeCock May 23, 2021
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Another way of saying that something gets on your nerves
Stacy: Hey, have you seen Jeff?
Zach: Nah, I've been avoiding him, that guy really shits in my nutella jar.
by lemmingdos October 2, 2014
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Any type of glass jar to keep your weed from stinking up your room. Typically made from any type of food jar such as jelly or pickles. You can use a mason jar but using a food item is just more fun.
Friend: Bro wtf are you doing with that jar of pickles?
You: It's my yum yum jar , can't let my old lady smell my loud

You: Don't throw out the jelly ma!
Mom: What the hell do you need it for?
You: Yum Yum jar you wouldn't understand
by Jax182 October 31, 2013
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