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A guy whose parents decided to think of a name that almost everyone will spell wrong even if they are told the correct spelling. Common misspellings include Jarett, Jared, Jarrett, Garrett, and Jarred.
An example of misspelling "Jarret":

When a person is filling out a check for you they ask "How do you spell your name?". You answer "J-A-R-R-E-T". They finish filling out the check and hand it to you... they spelled it J-A-R-E-T-T.
by jroeishere July 16, 2009
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An awesome guy who loves everyone. He has a really great singing voice and is really funny. He's someone who really cares about people and really listens and comforts people. He is often found spending time with friends or rehersing for his next play.
I broke up with my boyfriend, and Jarret was there to help me through it.

I want to ask Jarret out, but I got intimidated when I heard him sing.
by Quflistener November 05, 2011
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Usually a tall, hyper, friendly guy who loves Capri Sun. Loves to play basketball and hump while defending you.
Guy 1: Stop Jarreting Me!
Guy 2: *Humping and defending guy 1*
by Bailey (puff puff) February 07, 2009
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A manwhore who goes for whores, usually soulless low-class whores and who bitches about how everyone is a whore
Did you see that jarret?
Yeah, he's a manwhore.
He sure doesn't get the whores though.
by fentondash December 24, 2011
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An overconfident kid who thinks he is awesome cause he rides a dirtbike. He thinks he has all these friends when he really doesnt. Hethinks he can get all the ladies, but realistically cant. Jarret beaks alot of people and shouldnt cause he is a small, weak kid that drives a grandpa truck. He is also in love with B.L. but doesnt wanna admit it to the world.
Jarret: oh ya im better that you, you wish you had a bike like mine.

Jarret: You just wish you could get ladies like me.
by Dooman69 November 24, 2010
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A twiggy individual, who is notorious for being a plastic fan and having to use a strap-on to prove he is a guy.
by jarretkolodychuk December 12, 2016
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