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Jarmo is a name largely used in Finland, and it's origin is Hebrew. Jarmo derives from the Hebrew “Yirmeyâh / Yirmeyâhû”, meaning "God will uplift". Jarmo is a very masculine name.

This man is known for his strength, and he is intelligent, trustworthy, reliable, and very loyal to his family. He has a passion for speed and danger. Many men named Jarmo have the following professions: speed skater, rally racer, football player, or ice hockey player. Jarmo tends to also be musically inclined with a love for jazz music.
You can always count on Jarmo.
by SeppanenTurku July 03, 2018
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Jarmo is a kind and loving free-spirited homosexual man not only does the jarmo like sex with men and young boys but his sensual taste for the Forbidden fruits don't stop there jarmo can be seen in is preferred mating place the zoo where no Woodland creatures safe though he prefers the llama other situations such as the donkey or porcupine will suffice.
That poor woman must have fallen for a jarmo
by DrEstevanRodriguez February 10, 2018
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