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A very intelligent and unique young lady. If you have the privilege of meeting a young lady with such a name do not hesitate to befriend her for she is fabulous and probably the coolest person you will ever meet.
beautiful fashionable outgoing sweet jarely
by Laputa March 10, 2013
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Jarely is basically the best girl you can ever have she’s a ball of goofiness. She’s beautiful in every shape or form. She’s intelligent and most importantly if you ever have a chance to be with her your probably the most luckiest person because Jarely is just a overwhelmingly beautiful,gorgeous,charismatic,pretty, funny,good looking female. Jarely is caring and filled with love. She is the most genuine person ever. She’s wired but wired in a good way. She’s a very good listener and if she really loves you she’ll sit with you for hours and hours and listen to what you got to say and you can also act like a total dork around her. She has one of the best personalities. She’s loyal and honest she will never switch up on you she’s not the type to cheat or be fake because when she really loves someone she’ll be their ride or die till the very end but don’t underestimate her. She’s an extremely good friend and a great girlfriend. If you have a Jarely in your life don’t lose her.
(Boy)“Bro I just got me a good female she’s gorgeous and funny and perfect.”
(Friend) she must be a jarely.
by JJJJJEllly January 30, 2019
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A ugly ass horse face that has a video on lupes computer and she says one more kiss my prince and her teeth are all types of fucked up
Jarely patas de ganso cara de caballo culo apretado
by Jorgebigdick July 12, 2018
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