(adjective) real, down-to-earth, family oriented and offers a lot to others.
That guy is Jani - any girl will be happy with him!
by qtbrownie321 February 2, 2009
The type of girl who offers everything, yet captivates you with only her eyes. She has the ability to control her given atmosphere simply because of her energetic personality She can pivot the mood of any given person by radiating positivity, regardless of her own mental struggles. Jani is someone you feel you need to help, but she ends up helping you, even if you didn’t think you needed it. Jani is the angel you didn’t ask for, yet you were given. Everyone needs a “Jani.” But nobody can have mine.
I need a Jani in my life, I can’t wait until I find her.
by ReeceGray August 22, 2021
Jani is a type of person who is really nice, but can be really annoying when he doesn't get what he wants. Jani's always want girls who are taller than him, and that is funny.
Look at Jani, he is looking at that girl again.
by ☭Ally☭ May 4, 2017
The SEXIEST mf alive. Alyssa could never , like tf?! Hoes stay hating!
Did you see jani she was looking so fioneeeeeee 😩
by Janyyy June 4, 2022
Jani is a real beautiful girl she is skinny and real thick she shy and real funny once you get to know her. She comes with a a lot of good qualities she is loving person and she has great pussy she can make you cum anyday her laughter and can make you laugh her personality can make a whole Room light up she is really tuff person
Here’s comes jani
by Breonna smith September 23, 2018
Janie is nice, beautiful, smart, and all around is the most perfect girl you’ll ever meet. Even though she doesn’t believe she is all of that stuff she is and needs to realize it. Janie also too perfect for any guy to have her which makes it difficult for her to find the right guy and needs to find herself and get to know herself better before going after a guy. Another thing is when you look in Janie’s eyes it seems like nothing is going on in the world because she just has a look which amazes you because she is just sooooo pretty and kind. Also Janie is just an all around good person she has good morals and most people are negative to her which makes her life hard and that makes her friends mad to know that she is going through that. If you let Janie borrow your jacket she will give it back to smelling ten times better than when you have it to her. The person who made this right now is just speechless because she is just the most perfect girl ever and wish there was a word to express how much he cares for her but is just idk. Also Janie is just beautiful all the time and anyone or everyone is just happy to be around her. Janie is also really funny she will probably be the funniest girl you’ll ever meet. In the end Janie is the MOST PERFECT GIRL YOU WILL EVER MEET and you should never take her friendship for granted and you won’t because I’m sure I’m not the person not one but you will fall in love with her personality. Also Janie has a kid named poncho.
Guy1: Hey do you know Janie?

Guy2: Yeah she’s fucking PERFECT!
by Adrian15Wright May 11, 2018
In Hebrew: Gift from God. She is a very creative and expressive girl, and is also very nice and friendly. People are glad to have her as a friend.
I'm glad to have Janie as a friend.
by JB99917 May 24, 2015