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n. ubiquitous New Zealand rubber sandal.
Equivalent to the Australian Thong,
UK/US Flip Flop
"I'd wear ya Jandals mate, the showers are pretty chancreous"
by Dan Towse August 16, 2004
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NZ term for flip-flop. Australians use the term "thong"... but that's just wrong!!
After a japanese swimming team came to NZ (many decades ago), one observer was so impressed with their style of footwear that he began making them himself - he came up with the word "Jandal" as an abbreviation of the term "Japanese Sandal".
by Te Tangata Nui April 27, 2006
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Like Sandals Except without a strap at the back and they have an upside down Y shape strap at the front going between the big toe and the second biggest toe.
by Manu September 25, 2003
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