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She is one of the most beautiful girls. All her friends love her, especially her jokes. Her long hair always smells like flowers and when you walk past her you smell a nice flower breeze. Loves to write, draw and sing. Can't stop listening to music. Really wants to play an instrument but has no time (she thinks she has no time because she's always on her phone). A great girlfriend, because she's very loving and puts others on the first place, mostly herself on the third (yes, she thinks her cat is more important than herself). Loves to cuddle and drink hot cocoa. Wants to travel the world and see new things. Typical white girl, but with her own twist. She can talk too much or text you really often and it may seem annoying, but just give her a chance, she just wants to be loved. Hates easter. Is scared of almost everything. Hates make-up. Mostly one of the short cute girls. Has a lot of friends. Winter is her favorite season. Has loads of anxiety. Scared of other people's opinions.
R1: Hey it smells nice here, what is it?
R2: Its Jamy-lee's hair!
by Helovesmebuthedoesnt December 12, 2016
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