To fuck a girl, preferably one who is not fuckty
What are you waiting for? Jam her!
by nice and guch December 28, 2009
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knee length shorts popular in the 80's, often cut from loud hawaiian print fabrics.
I'm wearing my jams today because its crazy hot.
by E. Roger Coswell June 08, 2005
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To leave a situation or place, or otherwise 'bail' from goings on.
All right you guys, it's getting late, I think it's time for me to jam
by ReVaLatiA July 02, 2017
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The word J.A.M.S Pronounced (jams) is a saying for anything that is cool, or for anyone who is white and can jump
"Woah dude did you just see Paul J.A.M.S!"
by DairyLandMilk February 01, 2017
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1. A term used to describe a person's preferred music.

2. A name used to describe robustly good looking individuals.
1. Yo let's throw on some Jams.

2. Hey Jams, you look fly.
by Rod Jamshidian January 31, 2008
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To rock out - usually playing the music rather than listening to it. You can also listen to 'jams' or 'jamz'. Never say "jamming" - it's "jammin'."
Bring your guitar, we're gonna jam.
by elle_ November 19, 2005
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