Something Jimin doesn't have.
Army 1: Haha Jimin has no jams
Army 2: XDDDD
Normal Person: What the hell?
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by Hoe-seok August 12, 2017
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2 or more musicians making music together but not an official band.
Guitarist Dude: Hey man i heard you got a drumset, we should jam sometime.

Noob Drummer: Sounds good, i havent gotten to play to music yet.
by The Real Corbin March 09, 2006
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Bad situation ; Going to jail or prison (mostly used in the mid-west)
Damn, Bobby got caught in that JAM.

Man, I was running, I had to get out of that JAM
by M4200cbf February 06, 2015
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The true definition of "Jams" still remains unclear.
Whether its Musical capability, Dance moves or presence

Whatever it is or was Jimin from BTS lost his

- Quoted by Rap-monster

If you happen to find Jimin's lost jams contact Bighit Entertainment immediately !
"Jimin you got know Jams"
"Back when Jimin had Jams"
"Jimin I found your lost Jams"
by Jibootylicious August 14, 2017
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1)Means:To relax, or chill out.
person 1: damm im vexed im goin to smack him
person 2: jam man.
by edds July 31, 2006
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A word originating from toronto, meaning a party; especially one involving alchohol and drugs
Are you going to that jam?
Yo, throw a jam bro!
by criss990 November 04, 2011
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