dope or opiate derived drugs.i.e. oxycontin. heroin
i was straight noddin of them jams on the bus.
by joeski March 09, 2004
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To get together with people to play music.
Guitarist: Hey, you wanna get together and jam this weekend.
Drummer: Let's do it.
by Xeon636 February 24, 2006
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To be in a bad situation or serious trouble.
"That damn guy got me in a jam!"
"Holding Tyron's weed got me jammed up with my PO!"
by A.Daniel May 21, 2005
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A positive multifunctiontional expression for wanting to be "all over" a person, place, or thing .b. This word is also used singuarly as an exclamation of goodness or excitment. c. A serisouly groovy tune i.e. Bennie and the Jets. Originally derived from the Rasta term "Jammin" as applied to music and musical performances made popluar by Bob Marley.
I want to JAM on Chuck Bass because he is the sexiest man alive!

I'm so hungry, I need to JAM on some pico de gallo pronto!

S: I just got my paycheck lets go JAM on some alcohol.

(Bennie and the Jets begins to play)
S: I love this JAM! Lets twist
by Sarah F King May 24, 2008
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A party, hopefully with lots of free beer.
Cam: Eh man, you coming to that jam in the park tonight?
by doktorfunk September 18, 2005
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slang term for money, started in urban cities in the midwest
Example 1:
bro#1: you goin' to that party bruh??

bro#2: naw fam.. gotta work. you know i gotta make that jam

Example 2:
Fuck bitches, get jam.
by Bro Thomp, SON! January 04, 2010
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