Jamon is a person everyone can count on, he's the new “Super Mario” having to save the day no matter what part of the day it is. He is also an athlete especially in basketball, the sweetest guy and any girl would be very lucky to have him, sacrificial, caring and most of all a family man a smart person in his academics, he may fail at some point but he will never give in he will get back up and do it again
I wish we have a Jamon around here to prove capabilities.
by Thee Slaminj December 21, 2016
Jamon is sexy and hot asf. He loves his bae. He also is in love with another girl. Jamon is also smart and talented. He attracts girls and everyone loves him especially his secret admirer. Jamon is also very good in bed with the girl he really loves.
Omg I wish I was like Jamon
Jamon was so good in bed omg
by Thatawesomekid1234 February 18, 2016
An awesome, absolutely hilarious kid who is in a band called The Silence. He posts these extremely entertaining videos in Youtube, totally check them out. They are so funny. Do the fishy face! Do the fishy faceeee!
Guy 1: "Hey, have you seen Jamon in that video teaching you how sing screamo?"

Guy 2: "Hell yeah! Dude, that cracked me up!"

Guy 1: "I know, right!?"
by Buttman456 September 27, 2009
Come hither my dear friend as we have much to accompish today.

Interchangable with: come on, comeon, comon, c'mon, cmon, GTFOH, and GOH
Carter, get off the stage!
Jamone Lee!
by David Hawaii April 25, 2007
big but not too big and very cool. (emphasis on the cool)
by goesrawr November 15, 2010
form of shamone or shamon, only spelled and said a little differently
Jamone, bruthah!
by Ryland October 31, 2003