"See that twat over there? Thats Jamie Oliver, he ruined Irn-Bru. Bloody lettuce shagger"
by baileyalexx May 24, 2019
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A muppet who managed to become a British celebrity by combining half-arsed cooking with a fake cockney accent. Sold his soul to the UK supermarket chain Sainsburys.
If yew don't wan' ter get caught by the pork chops an' end up in a flowery dell, they 'ad be'er not understand what yew’re tawkin’ about. Nuff said, yeah? Oh, and buy some stuff from Sainsburys.
by J@ffa October 6, 2004
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An act or instance, or a period of cooking a shit load of expensive and unnecessary food. Usually occurs at road trips where idiots become frivolous with money, buy expensive ingredients, and make food that ends up tasting like shit. It can also occur when the house cook is stoned.
"I'm not paying for groceries if they're just going to fucking Jamie Oliver it in the kitchen. Who am I, Bill Gates?"

"Hey look, John is Jamie Olivering it in the kitchen."

by Jason_Lee_94 October 4, 2013
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Say: Jay-mee-Oliver-ring

Definition: The act of eating food off of a wooden board of sorts.
-Man, how good is Jamie Olivering, you can cut your sandwich on the board and then eat straight off it-
by English Professor Crabapple September 16, 2015
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Cunt. Mockney Cunt. Sainsburys promoting mockney cunt. No it isn't pukka you lisping cock-pope.
I got really drunk last night and blew chunks all over a fit bird. I felt a right Jamie Oliver.
by x-bow September 1, 2004
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Me: That Paul is a real Jamie Oliver
by Phykaler June 24, 2019
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Once when my sister was skating about she fell on her arse and Jamie Oliver and his "mates" laughed at her.

Oright maate, thats pukkaa thiiing.

Apppless and peearrs...
by Biafra J August 10, 2004
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