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A brand of irish whiskey, usually in the mid-price range. Best enjoyed straight and on the rocks.
I've had a shitty day, get me an octouple Jameson on the rocks.
by AJM7593 May 16, 2008

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1. Venusian Artist

2. One who can and does successfully meet women and collect phone numbers, go on dates, and eventually has intercourse with his desired females.

3. One who uses psychology and/or sociology in order to get what he wants from the opposite or same sex (depending on his or her sexual preference), and has a large success rate.

4. One who studies and practices the art of Pickup, which includes several different areas of study (including social dynamics, psychology, sociology, body language, etc).

5. Term made extremely popular by Mystery and his show on VH1, which taught "losers" how to talk to women and build their self confidence, and transforming them into "pickup artists". Also made popular beacuse of the book "The Game" written by Neil Strauss which explains his transformation from a "nerdy" writer for Rolling Stone Magazine into an internationally known pickup artist.
If you know how to enter a random group of people and leave with the woman you were going after within that group, you can quite possibly be a pickup artist.
by AJM7593 May 16, 2008

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Very sweet, tasty type of alcoholic beverage with low alcohol percentage. It's the best thing to buy on the shelf if:

-you will be drinking with people who can't stand hard liquor.
-you cannot stand hard liquor.
-you will be drinking with ladies who hate strong drinks.
-you have bad taste.
-you hate drinking something that's actually worth your money.
-you enjoy hangovers.
-your little sister asked you to get it for her high school friends.
-you wish to distance yourself from your friends.
-you enjoy spending more money for less alcohol per ml.
-your a man who wants to look like a total wimp in front of others at a social gathering.
-you are an idiot.
Man 1: Hey, get me some Hipnotiq will ya?
Man 2: We're not longer friends. Get the hell out of my house.
by AJM7593 May 16, 2008

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