When you wipe too hard and your finger pops through the toilet paper and goes up you butt hole.
We need better toilet paper, ‘cause I just gave myself another James Franco.
by Fisty McStoolfingers February 8, 2018
One of the few guys in this world who are worthy of the title, 'gorgeous'. His break out role is said to be the 1999 film, Freaks and Geeks, but is also well known as his role as Harry Osbourne in the Spiderman movies.
Girl #1: wow, look at him. he's HOT!
Girl #2: Eh, he's no James Franco..
by H_omless January 8, 2006
Easily one of the best actors around. Also incredibly handsome. Known best for his role in the Spiderman movies and The Pineapple Express
"Hey, do you want to watch Annapolis?"
"Yeah, I'll watch anything with James Franco in it"
by Mandolph August 18, 2008
The re-encarnation of James Dean. God 'accidentally' killed James Dean when he was 24 in a car crash and felt guilty for keeping James Dean to Himself in Heaven. So, in effort to mend things in the human world he created James Franco, a man with similar looks and equal if not greater talent. God realized that He couldn't name the new James Dean the same name because it would be too suspicious. The angels submitted him into the Witness Protection Programme and gave him the new last name of 'Franco'
James Franco looks like James Dean... so maybe it IS James Dean... oh wait... it can't be... they have different last names.
by Lois J Lane February 6, 2011
el, oh, vee, ee; love
James Franco is love
by anigmatic January 26, 2006
1. With out a doubt, the sexiest man alive. An amazing actor who is in the Spider-man movies, Annapolis, Flyboys, and Freaks and Geeks.

Girl 1: Have you seen any of the Spider-man movies?
Girl 2: Hell Yeah! James Franco is in them!
by dancechick4 July 25, 2011