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2 definitions by H_omless

A band that scored sucess with the hit, Bittersweet Symphony in 1997. Although the song brought fame to the band, they were sued by the Rolling Stones for ripping of thier melody. Since then the group had disbanded and to the dismay of many fans left the music scene behind.
Don't use melodies written by the Rolling Stones or your band will end up like The Verve...
by H_omless September 12, 2005
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One of the few guys in this world who are worthy of the title, 'gorgeous'. His break out role is said to be the 1999 film, Freaks and Geeks, but is also well known as his role as Harry Osbourne in the Spiderman movies.
Girl #1: wow, look at him. he's HOT!
Girl #2: Eh, he's no James Franco..
by H_omless January 8, 2006
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