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Someone who is un usually well hung. People with the name James are generally known for their good looks (especially the eyes) and women are just simply attracted to them.
"Oh Yeah, he's definately a James"
by jimbojonesyeahman January 30, 2008
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dried up semen, specifically when caught with a piece of tissue.
Michael, please pick up that pile of jame off the floor.
by kevin l. jones August 14, 2007
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One who looks up their own name on urban dictionary-hoping to find a definition like (a male with an abnormally large cock) but only gets a definition of FUCKTARD.
James is a real fucktard.
by Master of vocabularies September 01, 2016
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Cant light his own ciggarettes, eats too many doughnuts, says, " this is starting to piss me off" when frustrated. Is an awesome friend but then kinda friend that you just want to curb stomp from time to time. Thats a James.
James-"lets go to dunkin doughnuts im hungry and its starting to piss me off can you light me a cigarette?!"
by Handful of manhood June 03, 2016
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Ugly person who hates life and loves drugs. Blond James are the most stupid. They also smell
Wow that James is just disgusting!
by Fluffylamas224 August 14, 2016
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