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A man with a massively huge dick that is 4 inches in diameter and he that loves white girls and cocaine he loves to get there face rode and pulls more bitches then Charlie sheen during a 3 day binge of coke and you have to watch him around your girl because he will eat her booty like groceries his voice will make your girl moist he is the true panty dropper and he loves his face riders
Jamen is Mr steal your bitch

watch your girl when jamens around

jamen is Mr steal your bitch
by 14Akkkb88 May 31, 2015
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Good kid loud and really funny he's a full on weirdo he's most likely annoying his friends or having detention even thou he gets in trouble his friends still love him
Jamen is a class clown
by Beachprincess May 24, 2017
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