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Jizing around someone's face in a near perfect circle, followed by a swift punch to the nose causing it to bleed. "Jam donut"
by Tingles July 24, 2016
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Sexual act involving blood and semen. Shortly before creaming a girl in the face, you land a hard right hook straight in the kisser, preferably breaking her nasal bone in the process. The ensuing geyser of blood makes an ideal accompaniment for your love custard. For best results, make sure to use your hand to mix both together until an even, jam donut-like consistency is attained.
She goes nuts for my jam donuts!

I decided to give Rita a surprise jam donut on the eve of our tenth anniversary in that swanky hotel in vegas. Her lawyer is supposed to be contacting me soon with the details of my restraining order. What the fuck, she told me she wanted me to spice up our love life.
by Sweaty old man October 15, 2006
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Words used to describe neocons, capitalists or right-wingers. Usually used by culture jammers and partially passive jammers.
That fox news is a real jam donut.
Jam donuts have taken over the government.
If we don’t through out these jam donuts it’s going to stink around here.
by Dr Inkerman September 07, 2006
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When you are having sex with a girl and there is blood on her vagina.
I did a Jam Donut on Mina

Please Jam Donut me, sheldon

I love to jam Donut people

I licked her Jam Donut
by Dog Meat 959 January 14, 2015
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