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Jalissa is a girl that deserves to be treated like a queen. She is not exactly perfect but, she has all these perfect imperfections that make her who she is. And she is amazing. She is absolutely gorgeous and will make you smile even when you're at your worst. She has big, beautiful brown eyes, and her kisses taste like candy. She is amazing in every way, and no matter how fucked up your life can be, Jalissa can take it all away. Jalissa is perfect.
Hey, you see Jalissa? Yea? Back the fuck off, she's mine
by Zigggglrrr October 23, 2014
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The name Jalissa means of noble kind. Jalissa's are kind, caring, and intelligent. They are usually are silly and carefree but, at times they can be serious and to themselves. Their most defining quality is their dedication to the things they care about.
Last night I went out with Jalissa and got completely wasted but, she fed me and took me home. I can always count on her to be there for me.
by j12622 May 04, 2014
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An attractive female who has a kind heart and willing to give the shirt off her back if you mean anything to her. She is head strong and a take charge type of person. When she walks in the room she gains a lot of attention. She will knock your socks off your feet when engaging sexually with her. She is funny, smart, and sexy. Don’t get on a Jalissa’s bad side. She can be a female devil.
Oh man, Jalissa knocked my socks off last night. She’s a freak.
by Bnjf16 November 20, 2018
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A thot/freeloader. She will take all you have and give nothing in return. She will also make you feel as if you aren’t good enough. You are a king. Do not let her devalue your success.
Do you see Jalissa over there? Yeah she is a total freeloader. Don’t let her hurt you, you are better than that.
by Jayceguillory January 10, 2019
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A word used to describe an epic love. Jake Paul and Alissa Violet did break up, but they still belong together. Alissa has brown eyes, with blonde hair, and so does Jake. They belong with each other. Not Banks and Alissa and Jake and Erika
Girl 1~ OMG, Jake Paul and Alissa Violet broke up
Girl 2~ OH NO!! Not my ship Jalissa
by IronStrangexLerika August 07, 2018
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