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Is smart, very independent, speaks mind, open to others opinion. Can laugh, may show insecurities but they just need someone to be there from time to time. Great person inside and takes pride of the person outside.
Friend: Hey Jaleah Im having trouble with my boyfriend
Jaleah: Maybe you should give him some space. :
by Poetical Lele January 04, 2014
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Jaleah is a girl that is smart, cool, and dangerous. If you become friends with a Jaleah you must stay on her good side,or face consequences. She is weird and beautiful in a fierce and strong way. Hard on the outside; soft and insecure on the inside. if you can break her shell you can be friends forever! she is very loyal, willing to die for her friends.
jaleah can you help me?
by Midnight Dawn April 19, 2018
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Jaleah is a goofy, smart,funny,bipolar, beautiful girl. She has the body of a goddess, she has beautiful long hair, she has a butt on her, and her thighs are just so perfect. Jaleah rides for the ones that ride for her don't ever get on her bad side. She is loyal to her friends and her boyfriend she is also tired of getting hurt.
Boyfriend: Jaleah is different from all these other girls.
Ex: Damn, I wish i never messed up with jaleah.
by Leahhhbooooo January 05, 2019
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Jaleah is goofy asf she always laughing and dancing. She bipolar but she a cool ass person. She loves too hard and gets tired of being hurt. She loyal but she know how to play the game too.
Friend:You can always count on Jaleah to keep it real.
by Myownopinion April 11, 2019
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usually the fun funny, chick who gets the dudes just by first base. Hot, funny, smart ass/ not actully smart, ditsy but fun.
yo jaleah whats ur fav movie
jaleah:i dont usually wach them...
by LOL!!!!!!!!!!!! June 26, 2011
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