An amazing person who a natural badass, who quick to cut people off, he is really hamsome but humble, and talented at anything he do.
Jakobi is amazing person
by Lighting1210 August 26, 2018
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A man with a massive cock, like no other. A whales penis is nothing to a Jakobis.
All the girls say that Brendon is such a Jakobi.
by Ultralord69 February 08, 2016
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A very talented funny and freaky person mainly a boy, who struggle with his perverted issues and honestly puts in the effort to change. He is very handsome and has a very big penis ,girls always underestimate him.He is very sensitive and truly want to find love.
hey jeff get like jakobi
by thatkidjeffrey2 November 06, 2018
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The most perfect girl you’ll ever meet she’s usually popular and everyone loves her if you get the chance to be with one your very lucky Jakobi is easy to fall in love with and hard to get over smart and just absolutely stunning she’s good at everything she does and is a total badass
Omg! Look Jakobi, she’s so perfect everyone wants to be her
by Babybunny August 09, 2019
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A dude who is swaggy and has a crush and also loves the watch Netflix and also is a fbi agent teehee
Jakobi is swaggy
by Emab June 28, 2019
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Jakoby, he is a very noble guy. Jakoby is a person you can trust, he is a very good athlete and he has a big dick. Jakoby my seen rude at times but he is just telling you the truth. A jakoby my ignore you but he is just focusing on something more important or he my ignore you because he is just trying to protect you.

If you piss off jakoby he will beat your ass, he my seem skinny but he is very strong, he will rage like a lion and he will be gentle like a bunny.

Jakoby is very good in bed and is very big in the pants he is a very good lover and will care for you, if he gives you a chance of love you better take it or else he will just move on. Keep a jakoby close or hell will rain down on you who don't.
Jakoby is may seem mean but he is just trying to hide his true fillings for you, he kicks ass at sports and is usually very tall and black.
by Sexy white monkey November 12, 2012
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Loves people can get embarrassing and falls inlove with Virginia 💙
He loves people and family jakobie
by Jsvusbdvjd May 23, 2019
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