The natural and perpetual state of human males.

Lacking the decency and character to invest one's time and energy into a long-term relationship or a marriage. May be caused by an over-production of testosterone, immaturity, inflated ego, and in most cases, simply being male.

Side effects may include frequent breakups and new girlfriends, frequent one-night stands, general unreliability in a relationship of any type, and a vocabulary of bullshitty dating jargon such as "I just want to be friends with you."

99.9% of all men are born with this condition, guaranteeing that women will spend most of their dating years with shitty, unreliable, wimpy men.
"My boyfriend just broke up with me after we'd only been dating 2 months. I think he's afraid of commitment."

Samuel was so afraid of commitment that he dumped every girl he dated as soon as he realized she was actually willing to work at a relationship.

"I can't get married...I'm afraid of commitment!"
by randomperson890 March 21, 2010
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