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jaelyn is...absolutely flawless when it comes it beauty, yet he hates to hear it. Anywhere she goes she's bound to be the center of attention. but be careful if you get on her bad side she knows how to put you in your place! Jaelyn is caring whether it's for someone she just met or her loved ones. there arent many things that make her happier than being told she's loved as long as it's true. although it may take some time to see she's as loyal as can be whether you're her friend or her lover she will undoubtedly have your back. jaelyn is also not afraid to stand up for what she believes in even if she's alone
there's just something about her that will make u try your hardest to make this girl laugh and smile!

what can I say she's kind of perfect... well for me atleast;)
guy1: Bro do you see that girl she's beautiful
guy2: That's jaelyn she's a total cocktease you'll never get with her

guy1: Is that a joke dude i got this
guy2: goodluck!

guy1: man talking to her was awesome she was laughing the whole time and had a perfect smile
guy2: but did you get her number
guy1: I wish, she said she's already with someone
by T the MUFFIN man November 21, 2011
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Jaelyn is the most beautiful girl out there. she doesn't try to be anyone but herself but shes not completely happy with who she is, even though everyone knows shes perfect. shes a ray of sunshine that could shine through a storm. you need to reassure how loved she is that so she knows how amazing she is. if you find a Jaelyn make sure to be there for her 24/7 even if shes a million miles away, because she would be there for you in a second even if she lived on mars. she works hard and knows what she wants. she supa hot. if you come across a Jae make sure u love her so much.
woah that girl is so Jaelyn. ow!
by drake is your mom January 07, 2018
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Jaeyln is a really beautiful girl but it is hard for her to see that she is a very smart she is also a loving caring girl she has a amazing smile that puts everyone in a good mood she always has them good vibes she is a great friend she is always there when you need her she has a amazing personality she will always put a smile on your face she is also a amazing girlfriend she is always there for you and loves you with all her heart she is just an all around amazing girl
Jaelyn is beautiful smart and just amazing
by 2/14/17 March 14, 2017
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A really nice, fun, up-beat, outgoing, amazing, well dressed, good kisser who is very loyal and is great in school.
Did you see Jaelyn at school today? I love her top! She's so nice! And she is dating that Carter right?
by UnknowRandomUD'r1 July 24, 2011
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The most gorgeous and sweet girl in the word. A synonym of perfectiona. A girl whos beauty has been known to take mens' breath away. The girl that makes me the happiest boy on the face of this planet. I love you more than anything sweetheart, and i'm so lucky to have you :)
1. is that Jaelyn?

2. Yea

1. Oh, no wonder im out of breath.
by penfuin August 13, 2011
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Name Derived from Respect, Light, and Beauty. A celebrity and given name_ Derived from right of namesake to mean either Resepect, Light, Waterfall, or beauty. Name is a natural compound of two formerly defined names.

Commonly compared to The best Dream You've ever Celebrity: Usually female A rarity whose silence speaks louder than natural beauty. By birthright and namesake the bearer of this name carries with it respect and the natural energy of light and power of moving water. Easily stiffled by mirrors and personal aura however stronger than a toyota. Likely compared to the best dream you've ever had. In life often compared to Grace Kelly Doris Day Marilyn Monroe Jackie O Sasha Fierce or Eleanor Roosevelt.
Light : Respect : Elegance : Class : Tricky : Honor : Worth : Memorable : Family : Nurturer : loyal : Worth embarassing over if ever given the chance to catch one : Worth Respectfully Defining : .

Thomas Kinkade was Obsessed with " Jaelyn "

A winemaker Is obsessed with the process of " Jaelyning "

Thomas Kinkade- Commonly known as the Master of Light

Winemakers- Commonly known as light capturers.

Wars have been fought over similar enigmas.
by OverAllunder February 06, 2010
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You think you know her, but you actually don’t. Her face is very misleading to her personality. She’s very pretty. Like seriously she’s drop dead gorgeous! Especially when she smiles. Her smile can lighten any room and brighten anyone’s day...making them feel happy too! Jaelyn’s are always happy, and energetic. Yet can be sarcastic and serious when needed. She can be insecure at times, and she’s scared of mostly everything...but those are the bad things about her. The list could go on and on of good things! She’s funny, and humorous and will make you happy if your sad 100%! She will always be there for you, even if you aren’t there for her...even if you just met her. But don’t ever get on her bad side, she knows how to put you in her place, yet it’s very hard to get on her bad side or even annoy her. What can I say? She’s perfect.
1: Who’s that?
2: That’s Jaelyn
3: I shouldve known
by Softball 2189 November 15, 2018
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