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Jaeden is the one person in life who you will actually need.Jaedens are extremely hot, have a great sense of humour(including dark humour) and are quite smart. They are awkward at times but confident most of the time. They will win any fight they participate in and know how to please their girl. They can get all the ladies but they aren’t a player as they are loyal and honest and they will spoil you rotten. They are extremely good friends and even better boyfriends. Jaedens are 100% boyfriend/husband/baby daddy material.just know, if there is a jaeden in your life but they already have a gf, it’s best to find someone else bc lemme tell you here honey booboo you ain’t got a single chance with him. His gf will dislike you too as she loves him with all her heart and can’t bare to see him with another girl(in a relationship way) Jaedens love their gf to bits and would do anything for them.
Girl 1: Hey gurl! So I bumped into this guy the other day.. he’s really cute and funny. Seems like the one tbh. I’d didn’t get his name though.. but I got his number!!

Girl 2: OMG bitchhh he must be a jaeden I’m telling you it’s always the jaedens
by a girl who is depressed October 31, 2019
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A euphemism for “kill me” now that composting oneself after one’s death has become popular.
All right, why don’t you just compost me?
by Dr Bunnygirl March 22, 2020
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The most badass fucker alive, has balls of steel, and is a genius with an angelic singing voice, he is truly amazing.
Person 1: *Singing*
Person 2: "Shit man, you have the voice of Jaeden.
by RevolverOcelot June 20, 2011
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the most precious thing on earth. truely a gift from God. and your life wouldn't be the same without him
B: aw, look at him, he's just soooo cute
M: awww- that little one IS adorable
B: he must be a jaeden
by Rae Jae 9 February 06, 2010
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Beautiful, Gorgeous, Very smart, gets what she wants! rich, hot!!! humerous not always popular but has great friends
Jaeden is a pretty intelligent chick!
by Beuaty January 28, 2010
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Is AWESOME DUDE and is a MAD DOG!!!!..... He Always Wins in a Fight and GETS ALL THE LADIES!!! He has Muscles of a God and better looking than a Million Male Supermodels. He is the BEAST OF SEXINESS, Indestructible and his name is used to describe everything AWESOME.
Example 1
Person 1: "Wow That Was AWESOME"
Person 2: "Yeah It Was Totally Jaeden"

Example 2
Girl 1: "Who's That Hot Sexy Guy?"
Girl 2: "I Don't Know But He Must Be A Jaeden"
Girl 1: "Yeah Must Be"
by jessica80 November 11, 2012
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A very sweet and talented girl. Always stylish and great at acting. Will have a great social life. Jaeden is very dramatic in a good way. She loves speaking her mind.
Hey look at that girl! she's so nice! She's definitely a Jaeden.
That girl is amazing! Her name is Jaeden for a reason.
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