Jade Puget is one of my favorite people, he is so talented. I wish i could even remotely play like he does. But yeah right! He's a guitar god!
by dingusguitarchic07 April 8, 2004
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1)Most fantastic guitaist ever
2)Member of AFI
3)Looks wonderful in Pink
by Lani September 25, 2003
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he is a sexy pink tie wearing man who can play the guitar like no other on this god forsaking world of misery!
by The Damned April 14, 2004
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Jade is an amazing guitarist not to mention great vocalist and he is also the most original seXXXY artist around..his live proformance is orgasmic hes wonderful and he'll always have a place in my heat along with Davey, Hunter, and, Adam...THROUGH OUR BLEEDING WE ARE ONE!!!! AFI WILL ALWAYS KICK ASS JUST DEAL WITH IT....
by Amanda August 30, 2003
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Beautiful guitar-playing ninja.
"Ninjas are TOTALLY SWEET, what with all the guitar solos and flipping out and totally chopping peoples' heads off." -Jade
by Dana January 17, 2004
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they ONLY guy in this sad world that can pull off wearin pink and still looks EXTREMELY hott!!!
Ninjas have the Ultimate Power! He IS the Super Flying Turbo Ninja!
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