he is sooo amazing, best guitarist, sexiest man i've ever seen, I LOVE HIM!
and davey too because hes a beautiful and amazing musician. Their both hott ooooohhhhh JADE DO ME NOW
HOT HOT HOT HOT beautiful sexy sexy man... great guitarist too..
by el.t February 6, 2004
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the beautiful guitar player for the unique band afi. can rock a super skunk mullet and the color pink which is pretty close to being god. we love the jade and all of his ninjaness perfection.
Q: who is the best guitar player with the coolest stage moves?
A: Jade Puget of course!
by ????child December 29, 2004
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A kick ass guitar player from the goth-punk band A.F.I. The homeboy gots mad skillz on the six-string.
Person 1: d00d who's ur fav g33taris?
Me: Dude, that'd be Jade Puget. He rocks that Les Paul all day.
by punkgtrst096 March 23, 2005
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the hottest man alive who should be worshiped as god! he is kick ass at guitar and has hot hair.
Jade Puget has a face carved by angels
by brittney November 12, 2004
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Plays AMAZING guitar for AFI along with bandmates such as Davey Havok. Pulls off pink ties quite nicely, and is absolutely beautiful. If I were a teenybopper he would be 'hot'.
Man, can Jade Puget ever rock that guitar!
by Erica March 18, 2004
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**cries** oh jade you r so dandy
everytime i hear him sing and play... god dam i cry. he so amazing, no one else in this flaming world could ever have that effect on me. dont wanna sound like a pathetic teenie, but is so hot. dam! or maybe i should say beautiful... or perfect. he is in a league of his own! i love jade. using love in the most powerful way
by i love jade December 1, 2004
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Quite simply, in his own words, rolls tight like a perm.
"hey jade. still rolling tight like a perm?"
"When I'm not holding shit down tight like a hairnet!!"
by *Pookie* May 3, 2005
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