A beautiful, stylish girl.
Someone you want to spend a lot of time with. She's brilliant. Bring her home to mama, or just bring her home if you can!
by badbeat March 20, 2009
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One who is glorious and fun. Often outgoing and insanely funny. Can be quite blunt, made for the stage, and loyal.

aka: perfect
My friend is Jacquie. This explains why I like her so.
by beautimous February 18, 2010
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An girl that is amazing and perfect she has everyone heart it is so easy to full inlove with her she is easily the definition of perfection any boy is lucky to have her in there life never let one go because if u do that u just let a million dream go away from u she is the most caring and charming person ever and the best hugger ever even tho she may be quiet she has a heart like everyone else but this heart is from above she is a angel from god himself love her and never let her go
Boy: who the hell is that fine girl

Girl: that’s jacquie an angel
by Joyale November 19, 2019
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An initially shy and quiet, smoking hot, intelligent, sexually uninhibited, party hard lady who is surprisingly and annoyingly loyal. Jacquie's are practically a different breed. She is always trying to put a smile on your face, one way or another. Jacquie's aren't the relationship type so when you do get one in a relationship-- treat her like the princess that she is or another fella will strike like a snake craving a pussy cat.
That amazing Jacquie is dating you because you snatched her up before she saw someone else's huge penis.
by DirtySlick August 13, 2011
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a little fucking bitch but we still love her because shes cute
person 1: omg look at her
person 2: omg shes a total jacquie
by coochimuncher420 July 9, 2019
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A fucking bitch who doesn't shave her vagina and looks like a Shawn from Boy Meets Word. She's mean to everyone and has no emotion other than anger.
Person 1: hey Jacquie how's your day
by Bettyblackmcgee April 20, 2016
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Jacqui is a cool cucumber. the nicest person ever. she is hilarious. I always learn so much much from her. you've got such nice teeth. she can be trusted implicitly. She will be your favorite person to spend time with, she has nice hair and stunning eyes. If you meet a Jacqui you will be enlightened. She is the wisest most beautiful person you will ever meet. You know that feeling when your on the beach, the cool air flowing through your hair and the tide suddenly comes up and you are hit with a monster wave and then you go home, freezing cold only to be met by a nice warm shower already prepared for you... Thats Jacqui
i got home after a long and hard day and I have a shower I am feeling very jacqui right now.
by ANDYiscool123 August 27, 2018
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