A pretty musty guy, (musty in a good way.. what am I saying? Musty is always good!) Has the best smile, has great taste in music, and is super fun to be around. Very good looking guy, and is very considerate for others.
"What a Jack!"
"Jack is such a Jack."
by Jeuls not Jules June 08, 2017
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A lad who wishes he could have all the babes but really just likes getting off to Flash-porn
Hey did you see the new episode of the Flash?

Nah I was too busy being a Jack and jacking it
by LurlyBants October 01, 2016
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The ultimate head fuck.
A Jack will charm you, whoever you are. He will be the swetest person ever to you, make you feel like the only girl in the world and he's gorgeous.

But beware, he's a player, a liar, and a fighter with a hot temper.

He will make you fall, then let you down, beg for forgivness and you will forgive him and he'll do it all again, always.
Girl1: I love him, but I hate him. He's so confusing!!
Girl2: Looks like you've found yourself a Jack
by Μαλάκα December 05, 2011
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alone; single; partnerless; not in a group;
i'm on my jacks.
i'm on my j's (abbrev)
by Greaser November 09, 2003
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another meaning for cool

can be used describe how people look. This is a complement.
dude 1: "hey man look at that girl"
dude 2: "i know she's jack"

girl 1: "look at those dudes shoes"
girl 2: "omg thats jack"
by .h.e.l.l.o.w.o.r.l.d. March 07, 2011
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Is the greatest guy you will ever meet. Funny,smart,kind,thoughtful and so much more. Jack is always someone you can talk to and you will always get great feedback from him..
Ily Jack :)
by totalwifiyo January 31, 2015
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