Extremely Nutz Kine or Hella tight.

(Needs to be "Extremely" or "Hella" in order for it to be "Jackmaster")
Jareds sick score with all those bitches was totally "Jackmaster"!!!!!
by Jackmaster3000 March 18, 2009
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a person who can jack mad things like weed papers and blunt raps and dip and fuckin mad munchies
james nettnay is the jackmaster but kevin w**d is not
by james nettizle November 24, 2006
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a person who can jack anything like b wraps and j papers and condoms and james' girlfriends
kevin wood is the jackmaster
by kevin dubs February 20, 2007
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Someone that has the uncanny ability to have a siezure and dance at the same time. They can also make love and fap at the same time to.
That terminal dude is such a JackMaster Spaz.
by JackMaster Spaz January 13, 2004
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