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a group of guy's doing stupid and sometimes dangerous stunts/pranks and film them in home-made video form, uploading them to either Youtube and/or Faebook.

The crew usually consists of teens ages 14-17. The show has three consistent members, Antony Melnichenko, David Cantwell and Andrew Tweedy.

Similar and inspired by the well known show 'Jackass'. Indecently, Jackass informs people not to mimic them.
Antony: (Flipping off the camera) This is Jack Apple!
by jackapple May 10, 2009
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Jack apple was the term used by British sailors in the 1800s for the apples that were kept on the ship that were kept fresh by floating in a barrel of rum. The sailors would eat the apples, and if they ate more than one a day, they would become "jack appled." As it moved onto modern times, a jack apple became slang for a dottering fool.
"You're such a jack apple!"
by ed molloy October 09, 2004
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