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A good looking prayerful guy with gifted talents and favored by God. (see 1 Chronicles 4:9-10)
"I want my baby to be named as Jabez."
by Gloaty April 23, 2010
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A guy with a extreamly huge dick he is funny, hyper, athletic, and just all around fun to be around if you ever get the chance to date a jabez keep him
Jabez is so fun to be around
by Og savage July 24, 2018
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He is a very good looking guy. He is very talented and smart. He might have adhd. I do. He is pretty open and talks to everyone ever. He might be the nicest person you meet. He is very very unique in a good way. (weird or different) He might go extreme some times. He's very very bold. He's an extremely religous and prayerful guy. He can be annoying and quiet at different times to different people. He can be sensitive. Many people try to protect him from people who try to say something to him, because he doesn't stand up for himself. He doesn't stand up for himself, but he stands up for everyone else. He can't stand seeing someone else sad. He's extremely protective against even people he doesn't like and make friends with his enemies. He likes talking to girls everywhere. When he likes a girl he will do almost anything at all for her probably because he likes her a lot and is nice anyway. Has a very cool family and bloodline. You can never find someone like him because he likes being different. He tries to use the word of God (bible) in his own life. Jesus is Lord. My name is Jabez Chakraborty so I just tried to describe myself. I'm literally a bengali Christian. About 0.1 percent of bengalis are christian. My instagram is jabez_chakraborty. Follow me and know more about me and how I look.
Jabez, you're weird.(everyone)
He's very sweet. (anonymous)
Chill out, Jabez. (Aaron)
Stop, Jabez. (Aaron)
Can you leave, Jabez.(certain people)
I like you Jabez ... as a friend. (certain people)
Jesus is Lord. (Jabez)
by jabez_chakraborty June 22, 2019
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A man with a really big dick ,loves to play sports and love his girl to play and and he is very funny. he pulls all the girls so dont get to attached.
Carlos:Oh him his name is Jabez
Me:Oh he cute
by Jabezwife95 June 03, 2019
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Name given to a form of human male species found in the slums of southern england. He can be seen wearing rolled up trousers, baring his hairy ankles, white t shirts and a denim jacket, used to catch his prey: ginger males with an adddiction to racing.

A Jabez also has long extremeties allowing him to reproduce from a distance.
by elixsey June 14, 2010
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