A person that doesnt know how to treat their artists right and doesnt know how to manage their company right
JYP treat TWICE better
JYP treat GOT7 better
JYP promote DAY6 better
JYP give ITZY better outfits
by CLOWNCE September 17, 2020
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JYP Entertainment is a South Korean K-Pop agency, that manages groups like TWICE, GOT7, DAY6 & ITZY. They are one of the "Big Three" in K-Pop, meaning that they have a monopoly over the K-Pop industry, and groups debuted from them tend to do very well.
Oh look, JYP just debuted a new girl group.
Cool! I'll listen to their music.
by ellaluvssushi June 15, 2019
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The most daddy Asian. He's hotter than you can imagine. Perfect in every millimetr of his body and soul.Literal GOD
Stan him for clean skin.
Person A: perfect people don't exist

Person B: oh really. So you probably don't know JYP

Random girl from crowd: Who said name of my daddy?!
by Yangyang's wurst (luhanko) December 17, 2019
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The most daddy Asian. Perfect human being. Literal god.

Stan him for good grades.
- You can't name perfect person.
- of course I can.
- I don't believe you
by Yangyang's wurst (luhanko) December 17, 2019
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Truly astounding, amazing, memorable, and overall heartwarming.
"I don't know if I'll ever trust a woman again" said JYP
by JYPOPPAR November 15, 2019
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1)Being "jacked up" or a "rip off"
2)Being Played or treated unfairly
That was really jyped when you went to your girlfriend's house and she was in bed with another man.

Dude, you jyped the bill at that chinese place, you came up a whole 100 dollars short when the bill was 102.50.
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He is an amazing oppar who can sing very amazing with beautiful amazing showstopping jawdropping vocals. STAN JYP OPPAR!!!

jay why pee for life.
JYP oppar is so amazing!
Yes, i know!!
by Jo16072 :DDDD March 4, 2021
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