JONG - Jack-Off-Newbie-Gaper. Used in skiing to describe someone who is completley new to the sport but has no idea what they or doing, or why they are doing it.
An example would be a new skier that asks the ski patrol: "where do you put the terrain park in the summer?"
by Powder Maggot April 28, 2004
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To get "owned". This word has started gaining popularity as an alternative for "owned" after initially being used to tease korean kids.
It is of course derived from the North Korean leader Kim Jong-il
"hahaha man you got totally jonged"

"you guys are getting jonged today!"

kid a: "yo mama so fat... when she wear heels she strikes oil!"
kid b: "haha oh shit... i got jonged :("
by Abdul Nusrat May 15, 2007
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A weirdo that wants to be Asian that isn’t.
Ooh, look at the wild Jong Jong in all their stupidity!’
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Jong is another word that originated in Australia for doing someone dirty, its a slang term synonym for being dogged
you jonged dogged him
you just got jonged dogged
by JongedOn July 18, 2020
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Denim thong - natural evolution of jorts. Typical jongs maintain the belt loops, front/rear pockets, and zipper or button fly to create a versatile yet stylish thong that is also rugged enough to withstand the rigors of the day-to-day urban lifestyle. Male versions require addition of a sown-in banana hammock for comfort and the protection of small children. Caution: Expect irritation in normal chaffing areas followed by calluses after repeated use.

Origin: Orlando Fl.
DAYUM! Dat bitch's jong pockets are slapp'n dat phat azz!

I caught my pubes again while zipping up my jong.
by stereotypical May 9, 2008
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Everything about Jong you've heard is wrong, jong is a word that simply cannot be defined. Some things are so good that they are simply "jong". Used to describe the jongness of an inanimate object. Usually associated with gnarly waves, mouth-watering foods, and things of such nature.
Kory- "isn't that unagi roll good?"

Cameron- "it was awesome. very good flavor"

Kory-"How would you rate it on a scale of 1-10?"

Cameron-"I'd give it a Jong."
by K-slizzle November 21, 2008
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