Jon Short For Jonathan Meaning Gift From God....also known as a sex GOD ... Jonathan is a nice, well respected person and gets what he wants. Cares for his Girl friend and his close friends (they're basicly family). Jonathan Also Cares For His Family Sooo Much.
you can Spell It

Johnathan (gay Verison)
John (gay version)
Jonathan Cares for His family Alot.
Jonathan is Engaged to his girl friend.
Jonathan's close friends are also in D-Squadso is he.

A1: "Did You hear Jonathan and his Girl friend last night"
A2: "yeah!, all i heard was OH GOD!!!! like 100 times in a row"
A1: "Yeah!, Me too Me Must Be A Sex God Then"
by D-Squad October 16, 2006
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KIND gentle badass dont be afraid to voice your own opinions. People only hate you because of the way others love you. Your a good man dont let fear of causing a ripple keep you from living. Also i heard this dude jon gives amazing orgasms ladies! Knocks em out for free! U are the kind of guy woman wait for. Make sure the girl u choose matches your awesomeness.

Next look up always
by HALIELOVESU July 25, 2019
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A beastly guy with surprising strength,can party day and night and will most likely get in a fight.The guy who's selfishly absorbed in himself,can steal your girl at any moment,may fuck your girl at any moment.
JON is so sexy,JON will fuck you in anyway and anywhere,JON don't give a fuck today make that god a sandwich.
by Heavenscrime June 18, 2013
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"If you from the hood you know any nigga named Jon Jon is dangerous. This nigga ain't no different. He got a metal plate and his jaw and he beat up a Pitbull. A lot of niggas ain't believe that, Specifically a nigga named jay. So he tried Jon Jon. Hit him right in his jaw. That nigga's hand was never the same". -The Hood Avatar
Jay: "Jon Jon Talking bout he gon slap the fuck outta me? okay lets see then.
Leland: You talking bout Jon Jon? The nigga who beat up a Pitbull with his bare hands and got a metal plate in his jaw.
by Tots_ March 12, 2022
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A man who is very handsome, has a great personality, has the ability to get a lot of girls, flirts a lot, many girls like and would love to get with, one of the nicest people you will ever meet, has a good sized penis, very funny and can make any type of person want to become friends with them.
"I'm such a loser, i wish i was a jon jon."
by Johnny Hobkins April 9, 2009
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man with metal plate in his jaw and fought a pitbull
"Jon Jon? You Talkin about that nigga with the metal plate in his jaw?"

"Fought a pitbull with his bare hands Jon Jon?"
by Sir. Sparky March 13, 2022
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