Person 1: Hey, so I need a verison of something, can you help?
Person 2: Bro, you just typed version wrong.
Person 1: Oops. No I didn't.
by Days Union <3 February 19, 2022
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When you cum in a womans ear and then say "can you hear me now?".
Yo man, last night a gave this girl a verison!
by Mike C. March 11, 2005
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He like men alot a skinny 100 pound virgin with fuck boy hair and is a cringey "hypebeast"
Johnathan is a faggot Johnathan (gay Verison) .
by gayassnibbbba October 22, 2017
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"Oh man, how did that date go last night?"
"It ended up alright, we ended up doing verisonal."
by FireElegy July 22, 2017
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