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Jon Short For Jonathan Meaning Gift From God....also known as a sex GOD ... Jonathan is a nice, well respected person and gets what he wants. Cares for his Girl friend and his close friends (they're basicly family). Jonathan Also Cares For His Family Sooo Much.
you can Spell It

Johnathan (gay Verison)
John (gay version)
Jonathan Cares for His family Alot.
Jonathan is Engaged to his girl friend.
Jonathan's close friends are also in D-Squadso is he.

A1: "Did You hear Jonathan and his Girl friend last night"
A2: "yeah!, all i heard was OH GOD!!!! like 100 times in a row"
A1: "Yeah!, Me too Me Must Be A Sex God Then"
by D-Squad October 15, 2006

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D-Squad is a small group, that originated from another group called HOT BOYZ (very gay yes i know dont blame me), since that group/gang what ever you wish to call it didnt go far 5 members decided to break off and make there own and soon called it D-SQUAD. which later became our rap gang and our crew starting with only 5 original members D-SQUAD slowly grew, starting form ealry 2000 - now D-Squad grew, many members left do to dis-agreement with one another. D-Squad is still a small group of rappers/friends/brothers you can put it. D-SQUAD
D-Squad is not a gang even though some people say it is, well i dont see it as a gang.
A Member is D-Squad likes Monkeys.
Most Members of D-Squad Dont Like G-unit.....Just Banks lol.
Yes, Im Part Of D-Squad.
by D-Squad October 15, 2006

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