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A Boy Band that were runners up in the X factor. They are popular among pre teen girls and like to take their shirts off. Despite their entire fanbase being under the age of 12 they still like to sing about sex and how they all like Penis.

They also have random colour schemes of green, yellow, blue and red so anyone wearing one of their hoodies looks like a teletubby.

Despite this they have had 3 UK number ones and a rabid fanbase of tweens and their mothers who think they are the Chippendales
"I look so cool in my JLS Hoodie that Tinky Winky might come and play with me."

"I went to a JLS concert and I nearly got eaten by a pack of 10 year olds!!!"
by LawrieCrash August 12, 2010
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An object of myth and speculation (see also his Penis)

He refuses to talk about the tattoo and storms out of interviews if it is mentioned

it is rumoured to be one of the seven Horcruxes that carry his soul and creates his immortality from puberty.
" Justin Bieber's Tattoo is part of the horcruxes." said Dumbledore

person 1"I wonder what Justin Biebers Tattoo looks like?"

person 2 " I'm guessing a giant penis to compensate"
by LawrieCrash August 12, 2010
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Something whichs members of Urban dictionary have too much of.
Nothing on today lets spent my Free Time describing various sexual positions.
by LawrieCrash August 12, 2010
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A British newspaper founded in 1896 by Lord Northcliffe.

Its stance is very right wing some would suggest as far right (it supported the nazi party between 1933 and 1939 and called Hitler "Adolf the great" and had the headline "hurrah for the black shirts")

It is critical about the BBC and claims that it is biased to the left.The newspaper is strongly against homosexuality,immigration and the European union.

Notable columnists in the Mail are Richard Littlejohn, jan moir and amanda plattell. They have all courted controversy Littlejohn said after the Ipswich murders of five women, Littlejohn described the victims as "disgusting, drug-addled street whores" and their deaths as "no great loss". He added that for prostitutes, "death by strangulation" is "an occupational hazard" stemming from their "free will".
Shall I buy a Daily Mail or the Sun?

That Richard Littlejohn article in the Daily Mail shows that he is obviously a repressed homosexual!!
by LawrieCrash August 10, 2010
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