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Just in case is very common and should have its own acronym
Let me know soon, just in case I have conflicts in my schedule
by Everlast May 02, 2005
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acronym for "just in case." often used in chats
Dude, study for that test JIC, because the snow might melt throughout the night!
by i<3jpn January 11, 2011
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A quick easy way to say "just in case" because in this day and age typing 3 words is just to hard.

Good for texting, facebooking, tumbling, and just being lazy.
Don't forget to bring extra condoms to prom, jic.

I hope it doesn't rain but I'll bring and umbrella jic.
by Xansayshi May 08, 2011
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just in case shit

stuff that's not needed, but just in case
-whyd you bring condoms to this party, all these church girls are super religious
- its jics you dumb muthafucka. always gotta have that jics
by I M A Dogg August 09, 2009
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J I C is an abbreviation for the words Just in case, used in the chatrooms
Joey: where were you
Jill: In the grocery store i got some tomatoes J I C
by tony October 26, 2004
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