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ru kidding me? you seriously don't know what this means? WAT? well lemme explain.
if ur doing something dum

like going to a party w/out clothes

u say 'this is ridiculous'
yo joseph guess wat
mark came to our party w/ no clothes on
bruh this is ridiculous
by cyklone3 March 3, 2018
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pronounced 'kinosh'. it means to sleep or nap. it could also be used when ur bored, and just wanna make someone annoyed.
ugh, this history class is so boring. KNOSH.

hey, bill, ima catch some knosh, alright?
by cyklone3 March 3, 2018
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two freinds are texting:
John: bro i hate that guy... im always afraid he's gonna punch me or something.
Kim: let's kick him out of the party jic.
by cyklone3 March 3, 2018
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someone in a video game that just meets you and then acts like you've know them forever. aslo appliable in real life
jack: holdup, gotta flashbug pestering me, gotta swat it.
morris: ok bro
by cyklone3 April 21, 2018
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a girl who sucks up to men in tuxedos and fancy parties. it's not usually used as a compliment, bc men in tuxedos get thrown out of night clubs, the dorks.
lol down below the girl in the white shirt is a tuxedo sucker.
Guy 1: Aw, crap, I just realized my girl's a tuxedo sucker.
Guy 2: Well, you'd better put on a tuxedo or she's gonna dump you big time.
Guy 1: I don't have a tuxedo.

Guy 2: John does. You're girl's gonna take him, the tuxedo sucker.
by cyklone3 February 25, 2018
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