a hoe is sucks balls and always depends on his mommy so save him such as the time that Jr told his mom that his friend Hector didnt let his stupied gay ass sister named Vannessa in his house Vannesa told her mom and Hector cant go in Jr's house no more and Hector is left alone
Jr is a hoe and fucks a boy named danny every single day
by dick head May 17, 2004
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In reference to taking an ungodly dump in the bathroom of a restaraunt that has bad service and either leaving an ungodly stench/and/or not flushing said ungodly dump in retaliation for reception of unsatisfactory service.

Originated when bad service was received at a Johnny Rocket's restaurant in a prominent mall in Orange County, Southern California.

side note:
<I know... I invented the term when I JR'd Johnny Rocket's, hence the JR. It's been desecrated by others who have turned it into pure vandalism rather than just lack of consideration and a method of showing distate for a food establishment.>
1. The service sucked so I left a JR.
2. Man, I have to go JR.
3. Ugh, I just had a wicked JR.
by Hemoman March 22, 2006
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The realiest, cool, layed back funny. And has a big ass penis
Girl did you meat that damn J.R. yet omg!!!
by Niecyfreak December 20, 2016
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A WWE Raw play-by-play announcer who is a shell of his former self, and relies on screaming, hypocrisy, and lame sayings just to get his point across.

JR:"Bah Gawd, King! He's runnin' lahke a scalded dawg!"
"Something tells me that JR's had way too much of his barbecue sauce tonight."
by CG November 27, 2003
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Originating in the 1950`s. Another word for a serverly obese human being that is not good at anything to do with sports. Also another word for a dougnut. Many " JRs " are known to have a tiny penis and an extremly large rectum.

Parents sometime name there child JR if they are noted by the docter that the child is over 100 pounds at birth.
Justin: Jeeze

Hunter: What?

Justin: That person over there is huge!

Justin: yeah, he sure reminds me of a JR
by Justin987 June 25, 2009
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