A emo cunt that looks like a dead rat and is tries to get a e-girl.
Person 1: Jr keeps trying to eat my ass
Person 2: Because you are a e-girl
by Grandpa Gonzo September 01, 2019
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A name used by people that have a really awful REAL name or just like being called "J.R" better than "Bubba"
by sayswho? July 10, 2008
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His blonde hair and blue eyes are perfect. He is the HOTTEST guy ever! I will love him forever and always. i wish he felt the same....143! 823!!
by JRs lover January 02, 2004
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Verb; When one of your friends gets absolutely shit-hauled. Noun; Often includes sweaty dancing, chewing tobacco, constant hat turning and commonly partakes in "multi-friending"
Used as a verb; "Man i'm gonna get right JR'd tonight!"

As a noun; "Look at that guy, what a JR."
by joekat June 20, 2010
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"Bah Gawd Austin took out that sumovabitch Jericho"
by Dan November 27, 2003
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East Japan Railway Company.
"Haha, Mike got so drunk on the Masushita Express that when they got to the next station JR agents were there to escort him off the train."
by Da Shiznit May 15, 2003
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A Huge Rotter, or scoundrel. Someone who is unimaginable annoying; someone you can't stand, but for some reason he thinks he is your best friend.
He isn't really my friend, he's just a JR.
by Neal November 05, 2003
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