You going out tonight?

Nah Imma stay home and J.O. To some gay porn
by MobyForOne October 05, 2021
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jerking off, beating the meat, slapping the foot long.
VARIATION: circle jerk (for desperate measures only)
Come on, if you don't know what JO is, then you're a girl, a homo, or you don't have a penis
Yo dude you gotta go home or go in the other room or sumthin i gotta JO.
by tony February 10, 2003
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Jerk Off. Calling someone a hand job of sorts. Often yelled from a distance where the person can't have a clear vantage poit of the person yelling.
Yo J.O.!

Hey that guy is a typical J.O.

-Who was that?
-Idk, some J.O.
by Ian Duffy December 19, 2008
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J.O. is also a term used to describe one who was once Amish then "jerks over" to the ways of the "normal white man"
J.O.s typically drive old American muscle cars to compensate for their years of seperation from all things modern.
Yo, check out that J.O. in the Camaro.
by chadwick July 09, 2003
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JERK OFF...JACK OFF...fuck yourself...yano if your a guy...dude how could anyone not know this
basicly every guy in the world is so desperate that they have to j.o. whenever they can, otherwise they act all bitchy...stupid horny retahds
by yyoo mmaammaa January 20, 2004
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a slicker way of calling someone a jerk off
all the young kids in my neighborhood are a bunch of fucking j.o"s
by the infamous de oness September 14, 2009
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Shortened version of "on my J.O.B.;" or, on my grind.
"On my J.O. with beats from Kan-yeyo." Featured is Yasiin Bey's song (fka Mos Def) Sunshine on The New Danger Album.
by 5tubb3 August 11, 2014
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