When someone makes a silly mistake or says something random that could only be done by a fun, dizty, bonde person
Getting lost somewhere you have been 100 times. OMG where I am,? I've done an 'Izzie'

Ohh pretty pebble, soo shiny. That's so 'izzie' of you!
by Angehart April 21, 2012
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Izzie is short for Isabella. She's hot asf but also cool and chill. She's the type of girl in every squad. She might not be your friend but if you're feeling down or something she's always there. Everyone knows her but doesn't talk to her. She got a fat ass to. Everyone likes her but a lot of people hate her. She'll give you all her heart if you're dating but watch out if she catches you with another girl. She's just that chill outgoing girl. She mostly hangs out with boys and doesn't like talking about what they did for dinner or anything like that.
Boy 1: damn izzie is thicc bro
Boy 2: to bad she's taken
Boy1: but her boyfriend doesn't even care
by 6ix.god February 16, 2017
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An annoying girl who acts cute and dumb but is in reality manipulative and highly untrustworthy. Usually an attention seeking person who craves the spotlight and is prepared to lie and deceive her way to it. Enjoys deception and conflict if it means more attention is focused on her and she gets to play the victim.
'She told everyone my secret, such an Izzie.'
'She sent herself a valentines card, what an Izzie thing to do'
by Angel13 October 26, 2011
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the situation of constantly placing your body parts into various types of feces, mostly by accident.
Oh god, I just did an Izzie.
by mcintosser:p June 03, 2009
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Izzie loves anything emo, although she doesn't always look emo. Into a LOT of fandoms, gay ships etc. She's very kind and caring. Usually the mom of the group. Not very popular, but has a friend group. She always has to leave at a certain time, otherwise she'll get cranky. Not risky at all, always cautious. Usually has online crushes. Loves music, and doesn't like to talk when she's listening. When it's not her house, that's when she'll get crazy. A huggable person, and doesn't try to put her friends down.
"Woah! Look at that cool emo outfit! She looks so kind!"
"Must be an Izzie!"
by nilly666 March 02, 2017
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