Izuku is the sweetest character from MHA, and an adorable cinnamon roll! Izuku didn't have the easiest life, his dad left him as a child and got bullied in school from is former bestfriend. Izuku didn't develop a quirk as a child and was known as quirkless. In episode four Izuku gets a quirk from All Might (The number one hero, and Izuku's idol).

My favorite ship (relationship, or wanting a relationship) is TodoDeku! The reason i like tododeku is because they have some sort of rivalry, but not an abusive rivalry. They also respect each other, and their decisions. The only reason i hate the BakuDeku ship is because bakugou bullied and abused Izuku for 10 years, and now in high school they fall in love?? I just don't like it.
Ochako: "hey Izuku"

Izuku: *suddenly breaks all bones*
Izuku: "oh hey Ochako"
by Rox717 December 8, 2020
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Tom:”When I was seven I Accidentally Izukued myself
Larry:” That is so sad ,Alexa play Despacito”.
by A possum possum December 31, 2021
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Tom:”So when I was seven I izukued myself when I fell down the stairs”.
Larry:”That is a big oof”.
by A possum possum January 1, 2021
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an innocent cinnamon roll who is shipped with every character in MHA that actually matters. He is also a boy who forgot about the existence of legs when he got his quirk and now after like 3 seasons finally realizes, 'damn i have legs' and stops trying to slowly commit suicide by breaking his arms 24/7.

BTW he is was also exposed to major crack as a child.
I just wanna squish Izuku Midoriya.
by mamagiri June 2, 2020
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Izuku Midoriya (緑谷出久), also known as Deku (デク), is the protagonist of the anime Boku no Hero Academia. He is a pure Cinnamon Roll who is too good for the world, a paragon of pureness some would say.
Oh my god, Izuku Midoriya is such a pure cinnamon roll, god bless
by mayo the playdough August 3, 2017
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a cinnamon roll that must be protected at all costs
Me: Izuku/deku is a cinnamon roll
by *yeets_life* January 15, 2019
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Deku is an Innocent piece of Broccoli who is seemingly useless at the beginning but gains power after eating hair
Guy 1: Best person in-
Guy 2: Izuku Midoriya.
by Some weeb lol idk May 24, 2019
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