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Usually has brown wavy hair and brown eyes and is really skinny with a big booty and big boobs. Always calls herself ugly even though she's mad pretty. All the guys want her but don't have the courage to ask her out. Is a boss ass bitch who smokes weed and cuts class but never gets caught. Is most likely russain.
Damn she so fine she's an Izabell.
by Jajdjdjxb June 18, 2015
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Izabell is a funny girl with a quirky personality. She can be uptight or jealous sometimes but she will always be there for you when you need her! She is blonde and pretty with a big smile. She is very loud and can always make her friends smile. She loves to be the light of the world. She is religious and loves children
Man she's a great Izabell
by IzzybizyGirl February 01, 2018
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