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A sweet and cute looking, normally small dog. But don't touch! She might look cute and sweet but she will nip at you in a heartbeat. Has a interesting attitude, and might snore at night. She only likes certain people, and LOVES food.
Kyle: Aww, what a sweet looking dog!
Taylor: Psh. Itty? Don't touch her though. She might take your hand off.
by Rugido July 22, 2010
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the feeling of being dowsey after eating certain foods; ribs, tuckey, bar-q chicken give the feeling of being sleepy
by Andrew Armstead October 23, 2007
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a.k.a. itsy-bitsy, ittle bitty
A term that means something small, tiny. Possibly derived from the term ittle bitty which in turn comes from a twist of the expression "little bit".
Often used (vulgarly, insultingly and/or appreciatingly) for women with small breasts. (See Itty Bitty Titty Committee).
See also itsy-bitty and ittle bitty.
-I love you, sweetheart. You have the most adorable itty-bitty titties I've ever seen.
-Gee, thanks. And you have the most adorable itty-bitty weenie I've ever seen.
by Mefistofeles August 24, 2004
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Refer to anything that the word sounds like it could refer to.
I put some Itty Bits on my ice cream.
by Real_NoobToob May 20, 2020
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Kitty cat- either your a Cat person or you watch '• Kitty Cat • 2' and wanted to search it up
Bob: Hey! Did you watch itty ca's new video??
Steve: No! Oh my hero academia right?
Ex 2:
I love itty ca s! They're so cuteee!
Uhm- you- spelled- it wro-
by ajunikitty5 August 03, 2021
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