the language spoken in Italy directly from Latin (the lanuage of ancient romans)

p.s. sorry for my english i hope that is all correct but i'm really italian and i speak english not too well.
here some italian (in italiano) phrases:
"ciao, come stai?" ===> "hi, how are you?"
"mi chiamo Antonio, piacere (di conoscerti!" ===> "my name is antonio, nice to meet you!"
"dov'è la stazione?" ===> "where is the train station?"
"grazie!" ===> "thank's!"
by wash87 March 28, 2007
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When you give a man or woman a facial and then sprinkle Parmesan cheese over the semen.
'I had a great time tonight. Let's say we go back to my place and I give you a classic Italiano.'
by Kirk2814 August 5, 2018
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Is like the Army in USA. It is operative in Nato Base (Napoli, Sigonella, Verona ecc.).
Recently (from the 2004) recruitment it happens only for the volunteers, therefore it is a army of specializes. I am fierce to have made the military service in the Italian Army, in 1982 it was still obligatory.
I had opportunity to make friends with american service, expecially US Navy and Air Force. I remember with pleasure Sara J. and Katherine N., ciao.
The constricption period in Esercito Italiano was one year long.
by Ciolabella April 1, 2008
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An alcoholic drink containing 2 Parts Espresso 2 Parts Sambucca Blanco.

Consumed by Goombas all over.
Four Loko's are whack you need a Loko Italiano.
by NJGoomba October 15, 2010
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The act of receiving fellatio from a female while you smear feces on her face, and eat spaghetti from her butthole while wearing a cape like a superhero
Our romantic evening finished with some Dean Martin on the radio, and an old fashioned mambo italiano.
by XxBenNastyxX July 11, 2018
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