A phrase originated from Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job! which has since been turned into a popular meme.

The phrase can either be expressed literally, in reference to real estate that is "free" (like when a spider inhabits the corner of a room), or figuratively, as to ironically express a "good deal" which is actually an obvious scam.
Person 1: Who left this dirty old refrigerator box in my front yard!!?

Person 2:(waves Person 1 in closer) *Whispers* it's free real estate.
by 🐺 May 01, 2019
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Someone that is easy, someone that is easy to lay, DTF
Sophia has slept with everyone, that ho is free real estate.
by GMRMOM April 01, 2018
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its free real estate: A dank meme that shows a man in a joke infomercial. He waves you forward as he puts his hand to his mouth and whispers, “it’s free real estate.”
This will be a meme that lives forever.
Hey how you doing love mama let me whisper in ear tell you something that you might like to hear its free real estate.
by GT King July 31, 2018
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A simple sex move in which one carves open the others body and crawls inside making a home like that of a turtle or snail. This position is unique because you get to penetrate from inside so that after the other is sewed back together with the one inside, it appears that the other has a retractable pp. sometimes, an extra pleasurable experience will result in the one refusing to crawl back out through the vaginal whole and instead creating a new species of double human that become so happy with pleasure they evaporate into ultimate beings of intellect with an unchallenged knowledge of sex. This move can be done with multiple people.
I heard that Carley became a new species after having a free real estate
by Princessdonkey February 09, 2020
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