A gigantic prev from the high school dxd anime/manga
My name is Issei and I am going to be the harem king!!!
by Prevert123456789 October 02, 2020
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A sweet, cute, tough girl from the outside and an innocent girl on the inside. And Issey always tries her hardest in everything she does, but not to the point of being a try-hard. She can get any guy she wants. Even if he's already taken.
Did you hear, Cam broke up with his gf to get together with some other girl.

Yeah, she must be an Issey.
by Dis Cleavage Tho October 13, 2017
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The ultimate power. According to The Dead Sea Scrolls, "Issei" is the actual first word of Jesus.
That dude is the Issei
by The Farac August 13, 2006
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That issey I was with last night was the worst lay I've ever had!
by taylorrr[= December 31, 2007
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a famous japanese cannibal also known as 'celebrity cannibal'
hanna: yo have u heard about issei sagawa?
amber: yeahh its weird why hes not in jail
by louist278 December 11, 2020
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